Welcome to Milk Tea, Ets' tcg post!

Aug 02
The trade form is fixed! Now I can sleep~

Aug 01
Crazy week. Just realised my trade form is broken D: -- My Discord tag's in the bottom right corner.

Joined Shizen. Updated Colors up to near end-Sep 2013. Started collecting mentalist and tenbillion (basically gonna go for that Dr. Stone stuff!) I'm happy to trade Colors cards I obtained this year for the mentalist and tenbillion cards (and pick choice cards etc), otherwise, I'm still updating cards and figuring out what else I have already, and which cards I've traded off.

On the topic of Colors nostalgia - I'm so happy that a Beatrix deck is coming up! And oh man I had so much fun playing the Quilting minigames. Sudoku with colours is so relaxing (especially in contrast to the intensity of this week).

July 25
Switched layouts to Kupo's gorgeous one.
Still fixing things. I've updated all my Colors cards from July 2013. I'm gonna reiterate it on my Colors page just in case, but please do not send me Colors trades until I'm up to date. (weak laughter) This is fine. This will teach me to keep backups. ;_;

July 16
I had some TCG nostalgia, so here I am! ;w;
I'm still sorting out the page, pardon the mess. I'm currently active on Globetrotter and Nurie, and plan to head back to Colors once I sort out my cards.. I'm pretty flexible, so do feel free to email me about trades!