Activity Logs

October 04, 2020 ------------
- REALIZATION: army16, mentalist17, aptx486918, mentalist18, mentalist20, izuna-otoshi10, aptx486919, aptx486916, hunting08, two01, hunting09

September 27, 2020 ------------
- ARMAGEDDON: army17, army18, army19, army20, hunting07, mentalist15, jkd02, jkd03, tenbillion02, tenbillion03
- Seiyuu Guess 461: yeti13, netopia10, stigma16, method16, psybeam20, keibu02
- Booster Bundle 110: nonocchi16, train01, design13, sister-type06, dwn-01704, warpgate03, admiration17, intellect13, kanahana04
- Booster Bundle 109: rainfell01, muscles06, icequeen06, drunkenfist04, whip11, dunceney03, secretrealm16
- Kotori's Costume Party 324: hellokitty15, clear14, supporter10, ducttape07, usagimimi06, holyiris19, haikei15

September 06, 2020 ------------
- Little Spell Academia 122: avoiddeath01, shujin07, hunting04, mentalist11, hunting05, mentalist12, mentalist13, mentalist14, karate01, tenbillion10, hunting06
- Shiki's Quilting 148: godhand03, landlady06, cologne06, rozarria01, crimea19, cardevolve12, break03, proper16, shade18, mathematics02, pinkdiamond04, dreaca11
- Shiki's Quilting 147: extraclass03, destined20, crimibear15, emotion09, goatsongs12, respectful08, ignored02, robin19, pointy13, drumisland06, darkpower18, gentletype12
- Shiki's Quilting 146: dog11, kurikara04, lyst15, mossdeep20, rainbowshot12, megaphone05, easel05, magnetism12, curewhip18, nyaa-chan15, insects02, fushigi09

September 02, 2020 ------------
- Seiyuu Guess 456: chalice13, rewrite17, hydrangea20, archaeology18, benois16, accountant13
- Booster Bundle 107: frontkiller17, divinelaw11, aoikishin19, kikaichu06, matoi08, worker10, ivalice06

August 19, 2020 ------------
- Deck Lover 227: adepts09, pre-skip05, timegear04, arborea05, mufflers04, maleidols03
- Deck Lover 225: resonance09, ultima04, yard11, psypher07, ogata02, silverstar14
- No Context Theater 176: viceroy14, lightmagic16, megadeus12, frogcurse11, viceroy02
- No Context Theater 175: baa11, stethoscope07, resonant07, lightmagic06, movement13
- Ibuki's Songs 61: bandicoot09, baby18, whitecat19, ser-veresta05, youcopy16, 4-dpocket05, phoenic12, iceland02, key12, fontech13, clothespeg13, judge12
- Booster Bundle 106: moongold09, bullying18, bleep09, kizna19, greensun08, lovelove04, autumn14
- Booster Bundle 105: anego07, gruesome17, liars13, advisor11, charismatic14, zabaniya11, faintattack18
- Crosswords 153: devilstrill14, winterfairy17, buckler20, grandprix14, lycee02, veggies17, darkmatter13, orphanage05, walking04, skazka13, newgen01, bond08, browncrayon, redcrayon, redcrayon

August 16, 2020 ------------
- Little Spell Academia 119: mentalist06, hunting01, romance01, mentalist07, romance03, hunting02, mentalist08, mentalist09, hunting03, romance14, mentalist10

Need to check stuff from monthly releases (043 Nov 13 - done. checked up to 047 Mar 14, nothing).
♪ Levels and Sketchpads from Nov 13 onwards. Last logged - Grey and 220.
♪ Skip Halloween candy (it has thankfully all been logged in DW) BUT check for trades in the comments.

August 04, 2020 ------------
★ Updated Nov 2013 up until 11/11 aestivalis - yes, rujubee - not yet

August 03, 2020 ------------
★ Updated all of Oct 2013!
- Kotori's Costume Party 319: solo05, star14, glutton02, dim-witted03, tune20, charmbuster20, sorcery10

August 02, 2020 ------------
- Pick a Color 205: engineer11, goahead08, deathtrap18, shesmay20, cat20, bakuzan14, hiraikotsu05, fleurir17, chlorophytum03, onion13, undine06, drunkenfist08, abel10, blogger20, hollywood07, trueknight11, umn13

August 01, 2020 ------------
- Little Spell Academia 117: tenbillion01, tenbillion09, mentalist01, mentalist02, detective03, mentalist03, mentalist04, mentalist05
★ UPDATED up to Sep 23, 2013! (Sammich's trade request. Scrapbook - broken image)
- Ibuki's Songs 60: khilbet12, dwn-03707, respirator13, greenpearl15, koga07, hellguide08, lilac19, live04, evileye12, beatdown08, hellokitty07, dixneuf13, yellowcrayon, greycrayon, greencrayon
- Booster Bundle 104: foster19, tonedeaf17, dotharl05, selphia11, telecaster07, fincutter05, union13

July 29, 2020 ------------
- Seiyuu Guess 455: secluded15, rots18, no-nonsense08, freedom02, barrows09, mariko15, stiff17, ateapot04, paralysis14, catbingu16, letter01, kyudo12, orangecrayon
- Kotori's Costume Party 318: mononokean14, performance01, mountain09, books03, beli01, mmm03, sounds20
- Shiki's Quilting 145: poodle19, pashupata15, empathy10, uma17, nova08, trainride08, archery11, scarlethair10, housepet09, ertona09, tarot14

July 25, 2020 ------------
- Colors Musical Magazine, issue 05: curemelody06
★ UPDATED August 2013 up to Lita's trade (added) (Aug 24)

July 24, 2020 ------------
Crosswords 152: stake03, timid01, mrpoliceman14, brahms13, nandemo15, wildgeese15, storybook10, sakuya19, gruesome18, furpelt04, san04, quinx06
★ UPDATED all the Recycled Art + JULY 2013

- Recycled Art (Jun 09): nekomimi05, police01, police06, police11, police17, vermouth04, vermouth08, vermouth18, whaleshark05, whaleshark08, whaleshark11, whaleshark12, whaleshark13, whaleshark16, whaleshark17, ​loveme03, loveme08, loveme12, loveme13, loveme15
- Recycled Art (Jun 02): aptx486907, alexandria05, masks08, kasshin01, kasshin02, kasshin11, kasshin17, kasshin19, kunoichi04, kunoichi12, gakuran16, gakuran17, gakuran18, 4minutes06, 4minutes07, 4minutes16, keyhole05, detectives11, detectives13, detectives19
- Recycled Art (May 24): romance10, romance12, romance18, shaman01, shaman04, east16, ero-cook16, corn16, corn20, loveme18, gakuran02, gakuran07, gakuran11, gakuran12, gakuran13, gakuran14, gakuran15, gakuran19, gakuran20, silhouettes01
- Recycled Art (May 17): ambidex08, ambidex12, police01, police04, police09, police10, police11, police14, police17, police19, snowmaru02, snowmaru03, snowmaru05, snowmaru07, snowmaru09, snowmaru11, snowmaru14, snowmaru16, twisted01, vocalist07
- Recycled Art (Apr 30): sailorfuku05, sailorfuku06, sailorfuku09, sailorfuku18, keyhole08, keyhole17, keyhole18, 4minutes15, 4minutes18, nonary14, minor12, motorcycle06, motorcycle07, motorcycle08, motorcycle11, motorcycle12, motorcycle13, otters07, otters12, otters15
- Recycled Art (Apr 23): sailorfuku01, sailorfuku02, sailorfuku03, sailorfuku04, sailorfuku07, sailorfuku12, sailorfuku13, sailorfuku15, sailorfuku16, sailorfuku19, detective14, detective15, detective18, detective20, dreams04, dreams13, seiyuu02, karate08, karate11, karate20

- Recycled Art (Jan 15): corn03, ronin08, mask13, detectives16, detectives20, police13
- Recycled Art (Jan 14): magatama12, tantalus01, vocalist10, 4minutes07, detectives17, thieves19
- Recycled Art (Jan 07): burgers15, hair03, karate04, pendulum18, police07, valentines05
- Recycled Art (Jan 01): pheromone09, rayearth12, rubber07, selece01, selece17, skypirate13
- Recycled Art (Dec 17): awaken01, coffee19, firefist04, thief11, apprentice14, vermouth09
- Recycled Art (Dec 08): archaeology16, clover11, east14, goldfish15, key03, smell03

Nov 2013 ------------
- Seiyuu Guess 143: kou13, ufo19, pisces05
- Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 142: birthplace01, capsule20, blueeyes05, bestfriend14, akaicandy
- Scrapbook 69!: falchion19, fork03, sen09, crayon8
- A Challenger Appears! Round 3: bigsister13, government08, futari07
- Ansem's Player Report 6: chocolate08, exorcist12, miracle13, tsuruko16
- CONAN'S CLUES 168: passionate04, nanodesu15, cyber14, theatrical19, copying13, comrades07, akaicandy
- Host Club Giveaway - Round 73; highentia02, panda14, wahoo05
- Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 169: contests06, violent13, island09, allies03, aoicandy
- Neku's Music Station 164, 165, 166 (2spoopy video game edition!): blackfox04, cheat14, valentines14, ocean13, aoicandy
- GUESS THE COLOR 142: pasta17, icefairy01, arlia19, tobicandy
- Reading Between the Lines 82!: samuraicat18, akuma07, bully03, golems04, girlsclub18, kitsune12, harpnote01, gero10, raccoon19, serenade14, crayon5
- Kiss the Cook - 2: samuraicat12, mysteria18, mikancandy
- Spare Parts - 131: anchor11, male12, lovequeen01, cool09, aoicandy
- Delete Shiritori with Medaka - 05: single09 for nun07, blizzard05, gigant08, mikancandy
- Pokeradar 168: sports04, whirlwind01, allies01, koucandy
- Help Miss Kamila - 5: raildex08, littlepuppy01, akaicandy
- Seiyuu Guess 142: pragmatic08, juliet08, totori10
- Crazy Colors 56: fighter17 for redchild08, kicking05, athena17, midorincandy
- Crazy Colors 56: haiku05 for blackwave20, dancer09, council20, tobicandy
- Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 141: mongrel20, ostia15, omega18, hysteria12, librarian17, tobicandy, murasakicandy
- Crosswords 67: dattebane16, mudabijin17, bold14, harmonixer01, hyakka05, swordlike07
- Ansem's Player Report 5: chocobo17, manga08, d-hero08, mba05
- PEACH'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT #04: nyaa13, durandal20, windmill16, butler18, akaicandy, ginsenseicandy, murasakicandy
- COLORING BOOK 61: pranks19
- COLORING BOOK 61: tartarus12 for tomorrow10, forest18, shogi05
- COLORING BOOK 61: onod10 for phobia03, naught15, proverbs09
- COLORING BOOK 61: shugo11 for caduceus08, gsleague14, wormhole05
- COLORING BOOK 61: anima16 for golems19, haiku05, notlost18
- Recycled Art (Nov 21): aikido09, brokenrose03, corn14, dempsey01, kunoichi08, sogeking16
- Recycled Art (Nov 20): whaleshark02, whaleshark04, whaleshark14, whaleshark18, whaleshark19, whaleshark20
- Recycled Art (Nov 13): aptx486920, gourmet10, seiyuu18, snowboard15, strategy19, ultima09
- Release 043: snowmaru06, noda04, burmecia16, soundpod13, dragoon13, hawkeye04, scorch04, kawasumia11


Trade Logs

September 15, 2020 ------------
- Traded Aru: my 008 for kasshin18, junk02, junk03, junk05, junk06, junk07, junk08, junk09, junk10, junk11, junk12, junk13, junk14, junk16, junk17, milk01, milk02, milk04, milk05, milk06, milk09, milk10, milk11, milk12, milk13, milk14, milk15, milk16, milk17, milk18, milk19, milk20, henshin05, henshin06, henshin07, henshin13

August 04, 2020 ------------
- Traded Christy: my petulant19 for loveme19
- Traded Hijiri: my patch08 for proud16
- Traded kiss: my benevolent14, birds14, notlost18, teacup07 for ghost05, itako08, keyhole11, seiyuu08
- Traded Mae: my umbra11 for otters16
- Traded Christy: my council20, taisa03, yggdrasil05, allies01 for karate15, firefist18, flash02, blackbelt20

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★
(only added Anna's cybele10 and Yun's nov 29 so far).
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

★s = trades added but don't have the cards to deduct yet due to the sequence of messages in my inbox.

January 2014 ------------
- ★Traded Styx: my caduceus08, minidragon20, arrogant02, aqua03, nature12, weasel20, exshpere04, sig_ets for pendulum07, vermouth19, awaken17, baldy20, beli10, irondragon11, salamander11, snowmaru20, sig_styx
- Traded Michelle: my restore09, tokunaga18 for kwando11, snowboard07

November 2013 ------------
- ★Traded lanvaldear: my contests06, contests12, nanodesu15, wayward11 for izuna-otoshi19, smell08, snowboard16, sos10
- Traded Duo: my nyaa13, gasmask for coffee18, irondragon10
- Traded Tara: my wine15 for gasmask13
- Traded Lita: my babied09, golems19, possessive05 for karate09, minor01, minor14
- Traded Qu-ko: my disqualified01, d-hero08, crybaby20, contract02 for cocky01, four20, gourmet15, aikido05
- Traded Mal: my guertena01 for odyssey13
- Traded Yun: my animajor20, goldenring19, violent13 for burgers04, hair07, magatama04

October 2013 ------------
- Traded Kippi: my aquarimms05 for cocky02
- Traded Kinks: my brag16, crush15, hopeless06 for ero-cook03, marimo14, ultima15
- Traded Michelle: my blacklion07 for heir05
- Traded Michi: my lionheart14, koga05, koga09 for corn09, corn11, aikido10
- Traded Octa: my burn19, calligraphy15, tsukihime15 for ghost11, littlekitty08, kunoichi18
- Traded Naoto: my grapes14, pharaoh05, queen03 for shujin19, nullify20, 4minutes16
- Traded Sammich: my search10 for sos07
- Traded Sammich: my revenge02 for whip04
- Traded Anrui: my april04, cgi10, gigolo03 for crow12, darkking11, lunartear20
- Traded Melissa: my exsphere10, tenpa-kun06, whipsmack03, womanizer14 for proud19, saiko10, itako15, west05
- Traded Harukami: my bride05 for ultima19
- Traded Ari: my marble03, tophat12 for west18, keyhole06
- Traded Rune: my clothespeg12, blacklion04, awkward18, futari08, twirl02 for magic08, demonchild14, headmaster04, gal18, goodluck10
- Traded Rune: my producer08 for snowboard06
- Traded Lepidopteran: my heal10 for thief14
- Traded Ten: my bail07, knife10, pipe11 for loveme01, loveme02, loveme14
- Traded Mii: my confrontal05, rainfell03, tempest06 for ayesir06, ayesir19, shujin06
- Traded Octa: my tophat12 for kunoichi01
- Traded Hijiri: my height17 for dreams17
- Traded AL: my gekidasa07 for kunoichi11
- Traded Netbug: my akagami16, suna-suna11, american03, hakuryou14, digimon12 for mask20, objection04, smell12, smell20, izuna-otoshi09
- Traded Fel: my machinegun03, reckless03, warlord07 for proud12, keyhole05, coffee20
- Traded Octa: my extreme06, song02 for karate14, darkking05
- Traded Rozen: my perception11, fight13, admired13 for shujin12, motorcycle17, mask16
- Traded Fumika: my unpopular20, conductor10, falling20, goats20, miko15, usagimimi10 for detective17, coffee08, darkking01, kunoichi19, windom08, detectives15
- Traded Laurant: my sig_ets for sig_laurant
- Traded Katie: my durandal06, maniac15, cascade07, defense16 for burgers10, flaming09, detective10, sakura14
- Traded Naru: my madainsari11, worldchain15 for seiyuu05, science15
- Traded Miles: my water09 for aptx486917
- Traded Lily: my unpopular20 for romance02
- Traded Aly: my kritya06, kritya16 for demonchild08, keyhole02
- Traded Tot: my saiyawoman13, throttle18, cheri11, cheri18, lion18, maxter07 for dreams14, awaken12, beli02, karate11, logic04, ultima09
- Traded Kim: my domineering10 for firefist19
- Traded Laurant: my totori15 for objection01
- Traded Ivory and Horn: my hustle18, invincible20, lackey05, witchhunter03 for cocky19, hair06, magic05, minor19
- Traded Celi: my unwritten05, champloo07, itadakimasu09, oblivious14, priestess19 for ayesir10, goldfish05, pendulum02, perceive06, vermouth16
- Traded Aave: my successor01, survive06, furniture12 for blackmage10, shaman06, detectives12
- Traded Miles: my conclusions15 for keyhole19
- Traded Anna: my cybele10, ordinary03 for vermouth03, kunoichi07
- Traded Harukami: my gentle07 for crow02
- Traded Nayami: my parties03, blueeyes12, brush05 for dreams16, goldfish12, loveme11
- Traded Lepidopteran: my troubadour09 for flaming16
- Traded Jen: my denmark16 for brokenrose19
- Traded Christy: my conqueror01, feel13 for proud02, vocalist08
- Traded Awe: my literary08 for crow04
- Traded AL: my focus07 for romance06
- Traded Qu-ko: my dubhe07 for shujin20
- Traded AL: my capture15 for shujin05
- Traded Sammich: my zippo14 for burgers16
- Traded Melissa: my benishigure08, daathic02 for pendulum19, objection18
- Traded AL: my wildlion17 for darkking16
- Traded Ouji: my conceited15, copying17, gaebolg17, horoscope16 for seiyuu10, smell14, seiryuu04, seiryuu19
- Traded Awe: my brother17 for karate19
- Traded Dialny: my cupid03 for otters09
- Traded Lepidopteran: my directions13 for pendulum06
- Traded Ten: my tagged11 for magic16
- Traded Ankari: my believe10 for sos01

September 2013 ------------
- Traded Sammich: my hymmeli18 for saiko17
- Traded Dialny: my electricity09, frown08 for east12, pendulum17
- Traded Qu-ko: my 10join15, 10join18 for jkd18, odyssey17
- Traded Noxie: my breeder09, quick19 for padlock03, east10
- Traded Octa: my indifferent18, maid11 for izuna-otoshi04, ghost12
- Traded Mazoku: my earl20 for itako12
- Traded Dialny: my automail15, violence14 for pendulum03, objection05
- Traded Lepidopteran: my lilac13, regret20 for pendulum04, pendulum20
- Traded January: my iinodoue05, stigma11 for bellflower01, sadist18
- Traded Mazoku: my windor04 for darkking06
- Traded Octa: my izanagi04 for taijutsu19
- Traded Lily: my phones13 for motorcycle20
- Traded Nayami: my workaholic17 for burgers01
- Traded Fumika: my wish18 for brokenrose16
- Traded Octa: my witchhat07 for dreams03
- Traded Noxie: my arphage03, asteria16, ocean20 for crow08, otters02, shujin18
- Traded AL: my lorelei08 for minor17
- Traded Ankari: my capoeira13 for karate02

August 2013 ------------
- Traded Sammich: my prithivi18 for saiko03
- Traded Melissa: my shirogamon03 for darkking17
- Traded Mii: my dawn04 for pizzicato02
- Traded Lex: my cold15, insurance18, uncute08, vino19 for coffee15, vermouth15, vocalist13, odyssey19
- Traded Lita: my kosmos17 for dreams12
- Traded Ashley: my housework20, writer09, uaa11 for otters04, goldfish14, skypirate01
- Traded Melissa: my gsleague08 for karate13
- Traded Lex: my miko15, epsilon01, rockleone06, rosepin09, soyokaze02, makai07, mortician13, sig_ets for saiko15, saiko19, dreams18, otters05, romance05, romance07, east03, sig_lex
- Traded Ankari: my triad11 for firefist03
- Traded Harukami: my varna18 for east20
- Traded Netbug: my sig_ets for sig_netbug
- Traded Floor: my mischief13 for motorcycle18
- Traded Vincent: my bluegrad08 for ae8601
- Traded Chikky: my ngrecords19 for dreams07
- Traded Nayami: my sweet17 for vermouth13
- Traded Netbug: my diagnostics20, crest11 for shujin03, cold15
- Traded Jen: my obsessed10, crayon8 for doujinka11, crayon1
- Traded Michelle: my chozo18 for cellphone14
- Traded Mei: my smoker01 for ordinary03
- Traded Emma: my enjoy18, peppy12 for proud11, taijutsu16
- Traded Heather: my virtual13, dogs06 for minor06, perceive16
- Gift from Aru: crayon7
- Traded Aru: my hitman16 for crow09
- Traded Lily: my conflicted05, oldlion09 for brokenrose06, vermouth07
- Traded Jane: my gakuen05 for proud17
- Traded Nayami: my nekotalia10 for pendant02
- Traded Trias: my leasing20 for karate16
- Traded Aaron: my guard05 for brash02
- Traded harukami: my sohcahtoa05 for seiyuu12
- Traded Milk: my question03 for crow18
- Traded Delitan: my icecar18 for smelt11
- Traded Allmia: my x-scissor11 for legendary01