Pending Trades ( cards worth )

The cards listed below are pending trades. Any trades I make are valid for one week before I remove it from my end!

 Recycled Art  ( sent on July 29, 2020 )
kasshin18, junk02, junk03, junk05, junk06, junk07, junk08, junk09, junk10, junk11, junk12, junk13, junk14, junk16, junk17, milk01, milk02, milk04, milk05, milk06, milk09, milk10, milk11, milk12, milk13, milk14, milk15, milk16, milk17, milk18, milk19, milk20, henshin05, henshin06, henshin07, henshin13
 Lex  ( sent on September 27, 2020 )
army11, detective16, mentalist16, mentalist19, hunting18, tenbillion17

Holding for Others ( 1 )

The cards listed below are being held for other players - please do not ask for these cards unless they are for you.