Pending Trades ( 6 cards worth 5 )

The cards listed below are pending trades. Any trades I make are valid for one week before I remove it from my end!

 Erica  ( sent on August 31, 2020 )
superjunior-devil18, gidle-hann04, mc-Erica
trading out

britneyspears-womanizer11, nsync-merrychristmas12, mc-Ets

 Caitlin  ( received on December 26, 2020 )
soyeon13, sunmi13, c-taeyang-rise07
trading out

ladygaga-bornthisway10, patd-emperorsnewclothes02, patd-emperorsnewclothes17

Holding for Others ( )

The cards listed below are being held for other players - please do not ask for these cards unless they are for you.