Pending Trades ( 29 cards worth 28 )

The cards listed below are pending trades. Any trades I make are valid for one week before I remove it from my end!

 april  ( sent on August 02, 2020 )
clouds03, mc-april
trading out

volcaniceruptions01, mc-Ets

 Mysti  ( sent on August 31, 2020 )
arcticfoxes06, arcticfoxes07, arcticfoxes09, arcticfoxes17, cherryblossoms02, cherryblossoms08, cherryblossoms10, cherryblossoms20, strawberries04, strawberries06, strawberries12, strawberries13
 Kayori  ( received on September 28, 2020 )
arcticfoxes04, arcticfoxes11, arcticfoxes13, cherryblossoms01, cherryblossoms19, clouds19, galaxies03, galaxies08, galaxies14, greatwhitesharks07, greatwhitesharks09, greatwhitesharks12, greatwhitesharks13, greatwhitesharks17, greatwhitesharks18, japaneseraccoondogs11, rain09, rain10, rain14, rain16, rain17, sunrises12, sunrises18
trading out

americancrows07, auroraborealis13, auroraborealis20, bumblebees02, bumblebees04, bumblebees19, comets19, graywolves04, graywolves07, graywolves11, graywolves16, hydrangeas05, icicles02, icicles08, lakes02, lakes10, lakes12, lightning17, oceans06, orcas04, orcas06, snow15, theearth12

 Caitlin  ( received on January 24, 2021 )
arcticfoxes20, theearth05, theearth08, theearth11
trading out

blackbears13, orcas13, orcas19, cherryblossoms07

Holding for Others ( 2 )

The cards listed below are being held for other players - please do not ask for these cards unless they are for you.